“META WORLD PEACE” by Narcy featuring Bu Kolthoum and Al-Bara’em.



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A post shared by Al-Bara’em (@al_bara3em

Who would have thought that 50 years later our music would be reimagined in this way? This song is an intergenerational, inter-genre, Iraq-Palestine-Syria collaboration by legendary and pioneering MC Narcy featuring Bu Kolthoum and Al-Bara’em, brilliantly sampled and produced by Thanks Joey. 

The song, “Meta World Peace,” samples Al-Bara’em’s “Tareeq,” a song about the Palestinian peoples’ intrinsic right to their homeland. The specific recording the song samples was done entirely by Al-Bara’em guitarist Samir Ashrawi (pictured, fourth slide) in the mid-1980s in Houston, Texas, in a studio in the back of an old guitar shop. It is Samir’s voice and instruments you hear sampled on this record. Out of Narcy’s reverence for Al-Bara’em, the band was given a feature credit on the song. 

The song was originally composed in the early 1970s in Palestine and performed in front of big crowds from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to Ramallah to Qalandiyah. 50 years later, it has been given a new breath of life as the basis for the new single from Narcy’s upcoming as-of-yet untitled album, to be released via Iraqafella.

The song is out now on all streaming platforms. Find your streaming link here.  



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